Elite 4k & Gimbal

Crystal clear footage for seamless, dynamic shots.

Elite, ultra high-definition video is in a class of its own.

Ultra high-definition video, known in the industry as “4k”, offers unparalleled footage quality. Video made with this equipment looks smoother and more cinematic compared to HD footage. It will also respond better to larger formats and usages.

4k is ideal for capturing the appeal of high-end commercials, short films, documentaries and more.

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Why Gimbals? Incredibly smooth dynamic movement shots – that’s why.

Ever wondered how a videographer manages to capture seamless footage of a high-speed chase scene out of the side of a car window? Sure, he’s talented. But he’s not superhuman! It’s gimbals: gyroscopes that mechanically balance our top of the line gear to capture movement shots beautifully.

If you’re interested in gripping aerial perspectives, dynamic, multi-scene or moving video, give us a call to learn about our customizable gimbal packages.

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